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Our Services

S&S Construction Solidstone Concrete offers a variety of finishes and designs to meet your aesthetic needs. Get in touch today to plan your next project!



Enhance your curb appeal and functionality of your property, with a concrete driveway.


Not only does it provide a smooth and durable surface for your vehicles, but it also adds value to your home or business!


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Why settle for an ordinary porch or set of steps? Let us help transform your entryway into a stunning feature that enhances your home's curb appeal and functionality!


Whether you need a new installation or repair of an existing porch or steps, our team of concrete professionals can help.



A well-designed and maintained concrete sidewalk or walkway can do wonders for your property's curb appeal and safety. Whether you need a new sidewalk/walkway installation or repair of an existing one, our team of concrete professionals can help!


We can help guide you in choosing the right type of concrete and finish tailored to your needs, from a simple broom finish to a decorative stamped concrete.



Looking to transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional outdoor living space? A concrete patio is the way to go!


From designing and installing a brand new patio to repairing and resurfacing an existing one, our team of concrete professionals can take care of all your patio needs.

Pool Decks

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Concrete pool decks can transform your pool area into a stunning oasis that enhances your outdoor lifestyle!


Allow our team of concrete professionals ensure that your pool deck is slip-resistant, durable, and properly graded for drainage.

Retaining Walls


When it comes to controlling erosion or adding definition to your landscaping, a concrete retaining wall is an excellent choice.


We can ensure your retaining wall is properly graded, drained, and reinforced, minimizing the risk of damage and improving the stability of your landscaping.

Demolition & Removal

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Our demolition team can remove existing concrete structures of driveways, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks, and patios.

Once the site is cleared of any remaining debris, it will be ready for future construction or landscaping.

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